Ashley Reoch

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Ashley Reoch

Adored Tattoo Boutique

Ashley is a licensed cosmetic tattoo artist and has been in the industry since 2018. She specializes in brows. She offers microblading, ombré brows, and combo brows, and specifically specialize in hyper-realistic hair strokes and soft ombré to enhance your individual natural beauty.


Get to Know Ashley

What year did you start tattooing?


What style(s) of cosmetic tattooing do you specialize in?

Microblading natural, fluffy, hair-like strokes, ombré brows, and combo brows (a combination of Microblading and shading).

What are your hobbies?

Exploring all of what nature has to offer, all things spooky or witchy. Nerding out on history, true crime, and the paranormal. A good ol’ natural adrenaline rush. Concerts. Cooking. Reading. Blogging. Photography. Yoga. Interior decorating.

What is some of your favorite music?

Classic Rock, Alternative Rock, Metal, Emo, Grunge, Folk, Pop-Folk, Reggae, 80’s, 90’s, Rap

Which superpower would you like to have?

Power Mimicry

Besides tattooing what other types of art do you like to create?

Painting, refurbishing furniture.


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