Getting a Tax Return? Start Your Next Big Tattoo at Our Bend Oregon Tattoo Studio

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At Monolith Tattoo Studio, we’ve noticed certain trends in when people decide to get tattooed. As one year ends and the next begins, many people look forward to not necessarily doing their taxes, but cashing in on their tax return. This nice influx of cash has a way of making people evaluate what exactly they should do. Some may decide to take a vacation, others may start that bathroom remodel they’ve been dreaming about. Might we suggest using your tax return to start the next big tattoo you’ve been dreaming about?

Start Your Next Big Tattoo at Our Bend Oregon Tattoo Studio

At Monolith, our Bend Oregon tattoo studio features six resident artists alongside occasional guest artists. When it comes time to spend that tax return, you’ll easily be able to find the perfect artist to start the big tattoo you’ve been dreaming about. Whether you want to finish the sleeve you started last year or want one of our artists to design something special for your back, finding the perfect artist has never been easier.

Edward Kehoe

Edward Kehoe, owner of Monolith Tattoo Studio, specializes in large-scale, color tattoos. Edward tends to book out months in advance, so calling to make an appointment early means you’ll have your tax return in hand when it comes time to pay for the large-scale tattoo you’ve been wanting. Whether you’ve always wanted a galactic Star Wars fight scene or a photorealism portrait, Edward can bring your tattoo dreams to life.

Andy Beswick

Specializing in American Traditional, Andy Beswick loves tattooing and will work with you to create the perfect piece of art at our Bend Oregon tattoo studio. While Andy has a large book of custom flash, he also loves having the artistic freedom to create something for you.

Deke Harms

Monolith’s resident Bend blackwork tattoo artist, Deke Harms has made a name for himself in Central Oregon. He specializes in stippling and black work. Recently, he’s ventured into bold color tattoos and would love to do more pieces like this. Start your next sleeve with the unique and creative style characterized by Deke.

Kailah Bartolome

Kailah Bartolome also books out several months in advance and getting a tattoo by her is well worth the wait. Kailah also would like to do more large-scale pieces, be they color or blackwork. Browse Kailah’s diverse portfolio and then book a consultation with her to get your tax return tattoo started.

Keisha Ozias

Keisha Ozias specializes in tattooing women, animals and botanicals. Keisha has a distinct style that takes inspiration from nature. If you have been wanting a tattoo with a feminine touch, Keisha may be the perfect artist to start your large-scale tax return tattoo.

Emily Bowe

The newest tattoo artist to join the team at Monolith, Emily Bowe has worked at the shop for many years and loves the art of tattooing. Emily would love the opportunity to work on larger-scale pieces as well as her flash work. Emily has an ever-evolving style and loves working with the individual to give them the tattoo they’ve always wanted.

Don’t Forget Microblading with Melanie Kehoe!

In addition to tattooing, Monolith Tattoo Studio also offers microblading in Bend, Oregon. Melanie Kehoe offers microblading services at Monolith Tattoo Studio. Have you been penciling your eyebrows for as long as you can remember? Stop with the hassle and get microbladed eyebrows from Monolith Tattoo Studio.

Start a Large-Scale Tattoo

When you’re searching for the perfect Bend Oregon tattoo studio to start your large-scale tax return tattoo, Monolith Tattoo Studio has you covered. Browse the portfolios of the artists at Monolith and book a consultation before you’ve filed your taxes. Once the cash hits your bank account, you’ll be prepared to get started on fresh ink from one of the talented artists at Monolith Tattoo Studio.

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