Friday the 13th Tattoo and Microblading Specials at Monolith Tattoo Studio

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This October just got evening scarier with Friday the 13th tattoo, microblading and tattoo removal specials at Monolith Tattoo Studio. With both Friday the 13th and Halloween falling in October, it’s only fitting to offer frighteningly good specials and discounts. If you’ve been curious about microblading, tattoo removal or discounted flash tattoos, sink your teeth into the Friday the 13th tattoo specials at Monolith.

Friday the 13th Tattoo Specials

While many other tattoo shops offer Friday the 13th tattoo specials, Monolith is making it worth your while to come down to the shop. If you’ve been waiting to snag flash designs from our amazing collection of Bend tattoo artists, you’re in luck. All designs on the flash tattoo wall at Monolith will be discounted for the day. On Friday, October 13, head down to Monolith Tattoo Studio and book an appointment with a deposit to claim one of your favorite designs.

Whereas most tattoo shops create a custom flash sheet with inexpensive tattoos themed around Friday the 13th, we’re giving you a scary-good deal on original flash from Edward Kehoe, Andy Beswick, Deke Harms, Keisha Ozias, Emily Bowe and Kailah Bartolome. Take advantage of this Friday the 13th tattoo special from Monolith Tattoo Studio!

Laced with Ink Microblading Specials

In case you haven’t heard, Monolith recently added microblading services, coming to you from Laced with Ink. Laced with Ink, which includes cosmetic tattoo artists Melanie Kehoe and Savannah Harris, will be doing free microblading consultations on Friday the 13th at Monolith Tattoo Studio. In addition to microblading consultations, Laced with Ink will be giving out $25 off microblading certificates to everything that comes down. Come down to Monolith on Friday the 13th and enter to win half off a microblading session with Laced with Ink. If you’ve been curious about microblading and cosmetic tattooing, this Friday the 13th event at Monolith is the perfect time to learn more.

Tattoo Removal Consultations

As a full-service tattoo shop, Monolith partners with Fade Out Tattoo Removal to cover all the bases when it comes to the art of tattooing. During the Friday the 13th event at Monolith, Fade Out Tattoo Removal will be doing free tattoo removal consultations and giveaways. Whether you want to have a tattoo removed completely, or faded for an upcoming coverup tattoo, Fade Out Tattoo Removal can help you achieve the best results in Bend.

Come in For Scary-Good Friday the 13th Tattoo and Microblading Specials

Whether you’re interested in learning more about microblading or you’ve been waiting for your favorite piece of tattoo flash to be discounted, take advantage of the Friday the 13th tattoo and microblading specials at Monolith Tattoo Studio.

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