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The kids have gone back to school and river floating season has started to come to its natural end with crisper air and chillier water. With the return of cool weather, comes the perfect season to get a new tattoo. We’re often asked when is the best time to get tattooed and that, of course, depends on both the person getting tattooed and the availability of the tattoo artist. Several of the tattoo artists at Monolith book out months in advance, but for clients to get a walk-in tattoo, fall presents the perfect time to get some fresh body art.

Get Tattooed in the Fall

In our experience, many clients don’t want to get tattooed during the summer months. In tattoo aftercare, we ask clients to avoid contact with swimming pools, rivers, lakes and swimming in oceans while their tattoo heals. In addition to water concerns, we also advise clients to keep fresh tattoos out of direct sunlight. Both of these factors often persuade clients to wait until after the summer to get a new tattoo. We believe fall to be one of the best times to get tattooed for a variety of reasons beyond less sun and water exposure.

While some people may believe winter to be the best time to get tattooed, consider this — many of our clients enjoy traveling in the winter and often to tropical locations, which include plenty of sunshine and chlorine-filled swimming pools. Planning to get a new tattoo in the fall avoids having to sit on the sidelines while your family enjoys a holiday vacation in Mexico or a relaxing dip in the hot tub during your ski vacation.

Don’t get us wrong, at Monolith Tattoo Studio, anytime is a good time to get tattooed, but we’re especially excited about tattooing our clients in the fall. Imagine showing up to Thanksgiving dinner with a freshly healed tattoo by Andy Beswick? Your uncle will totally dig the American Traditional style Beswick specializes in and will probably want our phone number to set up his own appointment.

With the holidays approaching, we know you’ll have to start saving to buy presents for all of your family members and closest friends. Treat yourself to a new tattoo this fall and start saving for holiday gift giving after — you won’t regret it (not guaranteed, especially if you get your current lover’s name tattooed into your skin). Before all of the obligations of the holiday season, from time spent with family to shopping for your favorite niece and nephew, get that tattoo you’ve been aching for this fall.

Don’t Forget About Microblading and Powder Tattoo Eyebrows!

In addition to tattooing, Monolith Tattoo Studio also offers microblading and powder tattoo eyebrows. Fall is also the perfect time to enhance your brow line and feel pretty for the upcoming holiday season. Have you been dreaming of walking into your company holiday party dressed to the nines, with newly microbladed eyebrows to match? Make your dream a reality by booking a consultation with Melanie for microblading and powder tattoo eyebrows.

Take advantage of the fall tattoo season by booking a consultation or watching out Instagram for the announcement of days we take walk-in tattoos. Whether you prefer the blackwork and traditional style of Deke Harms or a watercolor tattoo by Kailah Bartolome, you’ll find the ideal artist to complete your next tattoo at Monolith Tattoo Studio in Bend, Oregon.

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