Monolith Adds Microblading Services in Bend, Oregon

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July 26, 2017
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Microblading services will be performed by Melanie Kehoe and Savannah Harris, both licensed and certified in the State of Oregon.

What is Microblading?

Microblading is a form of permanent makeup designed to hide or camouflage missing eyebrow hair. Microblading uses tiny needles that form a small blade instead of a tattoo gun. Microblading gives the appearance of full eyebrows with the shape you desire. During the process, the blade is used to deposit pigment under your skin to look like hair. The blended look of your natural hair and the hair-like strokes created by microblading create a semi-permanent solution to thin eyebrows. Microblading is a great alternative to eyebrow penciling, powders or gels.

Good Candidates for Microblading Services in Bend

Are you considering microblading services in Bend? Melanie and Savannah provide their professional opinion and can answer any questions you have to determine in microblading is the right cosmetic procedure for you. Here are a few considerations that may determine whether or not you’re able to take advantage microblading services in Bend:

  • At Monolith, we don’t mircoblade over raised moles, abrasions, blemishes or any irregularities in the brow area
  • Potential clients with rosacea unfortunately cannot be accommodated
  • Microblading cannot be done over hair transplants
  • Clients must be over 18 with a picture ID
  • Like tattooing, you cannot be microbladed if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding
  • Avoid sun/tanning bed exposure for 30 days prior and after the procedure. Sun damage results in increased sensitivity, loss of pigment and unwanted brow color changes.

Introductory Microblading Special

We’re excited to add microblading services in Bend to Monolith Tattoo Studio. As an introductory rate, we’ll be offering a special for July and August 2017 for $400. Regular price for this service is $525, which makes this the perfect time to take advantage of microblading from Melanie and Savannah. This services includes a complimentary touch-up appointment five weeks after your initial procedure.

Contact Monolith Tattoo Studio to book a consultation or setup an appointment with Melanie or Savannah. We’re excited to offer this revolutionary procedure in addition to stellar tattoo artistry in Bend, Oregon.

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