Permanent Eyeliner, Microblading and Tiny Tattoos by Donna

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At Monolith Tattoo Studio, we’re proud to offer more than just tattoos and tattoo removal under our roof. Donna Ellwood specializes in permanent eyeliner, microblading and shading, as well as faux-freckle and fine line tiny tattoos. Donna joins Melanie and Edward Kehoe on our cosmetic tattoo team making your beauty routine easier by creating stunning microbladed and shaded eyebrows and natural-looking permanent eyeliner. Get to know more about Donna and the cosmetic tattooing services she provides at Monolith Tattoo Studio in Bend, Oregon. 

Eyeliner Tattoos by Donna Ellwood

As a permanent makeup artist, Donna specializes in gorgeous, lash-enhancing eyeliner tattoos in Bend. We love eyeliner tattoos for many reasons including the long-lasting smudge-proof and waterproof qualities of these types of lash enhancements. Eyeliner tattoos help accentuate your eye shape and color without the need for traditional makeup, which means you don’t need to apply eyeliner daily!

Donna can bring your permanent makeup aspirations to life. Eyelash enhancement starts with eyeliner tattoos and can take several forms. Choose a subtle approach that involves a thin line application that makes your eyelashes look thicker and more full. If you like a more vibrant look, Donna can also add lashline enhancing tattoos for a more bold eyeliner look, including winged eyeliner.

When preparing for eyeliner tattoos from Donna, have eyelash extensions removed at least seven days before your procedure to give the lash adhesive time to disappear. We also suggest you stop taking blood thinners like aspirin and fish oil, for at least three days before your procedure. If you are on any prescription medications, especially blood thinners, it’s advised that you speak with your doctor before your procedure. 

Microblading and Shading in Bend, Oregon

microblading and shading bend oregonThe process of microblading fine hair strokes originally drew Donna to the art of permanent makeup. A few different styles of eyebrows can be achieved with microblading and shading. If you opt for microblading only, this involves hand drawn hair strokes that are meticulously tattooed into the epidermal layer of the skin. Powdered brows, which Donna also offers, are done with a machine to create an ombre look instead of individual hair strokes. Combination brows blend microblading and shading to create a beautiful shape you’ll love seeing in the mirror everyday. 

With both microblading and eyelash enhancement, you gain more time in the morning because you won’t have to worry about applying makeup as you’ve done up until now. Enjoy maintenance-free, beautiful eyebrows and eyelids with the help of cosmetic tattooing from Donna Ellwood at Monolith Tattoo Studio. 

Faux Freckle, Tiny Tattoos and Areola Tattoos

In addition to cosmetic tattoos, Donna offers faux-freckle and fine-line, tiny tattoos, as well as areola and nipple tattooing. If you’ve always felt jealous of people with cute freckles, now, you can achieve this look without the DNA and melatonin that naturally results in freckles. Or, if you’re looking for tiny tattoos and don’t want to pay the minimums of traditional tattoo artists, Donna can create beautiful fine-line tattoos. If you’ve been waiting to get that small script tattoo, Donna can bring your tiny tattoos to life. 

About Donna Jean Ink

Donna Ellwood eyeliner tattoos in Bend, ORDonna started her career as a cosmetic tattoo artist in 2020. A former teacher, Donna was looking for a career change and found cosmetic tattooing to be an enjoyable artistic outlet. She loves making the world more beautiful, one brow and eyelid at a time. In her free time, Donna enjoys working with polymer clay, stained glass, and creating jewelry. She always has a craft project going, and brings her love of art to the world of cosmetic tattooing and permanent makeup. Learn more about Donna and book yourself a new set of microbladed eyebrows today!

Book Cosmetic Tattoo Services with Donna Ellwood Today!

It’s been a great pleasure to have Donna Ellwood on the Monolith Tattoo Studio team, which is why we wanted to highlight some of the amazing permanent makeup services she offers in our shop. Visit Donna’s portfolio page on our website to learn more about her and to book an appointment for eyeliner tattoos, microblading + shading and more. With permanent makeup by Donna, you’ll save time on your beauty routine, allowing you to get out and enjoy life outside. 

Contact Monolith Tattoo Studio to book a cosmetic tattoo consultation with Donna Ellwood today! Don’t forget to follow @donnajeanink on Instagram to keep up with Donna and her latest work.

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