Love and Tattoos That Last – Our Favorite Romantic Tattoos in Honor of Valentine’s Day

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In honor of Valentine’s Day, we wanted to showcase some of our favorite tattoos inspired by love, romance, physical gratification and maybe a little heartbreak, too. February marks the perfect time of the year to celebrate love and tattoos that last. The artists at Monolith Tattoo Studio regularly put their spin on tattoos inspired by deep feelings of love as well as loss. This month, we recognize a few great romantic tattoos that make our hearts beat faster.

Edward Kehoe — Pizza Love

edward kehoe pizza tattoo

Edward recently got to tattoo this homage to something near and dear to all of our hearts — pizza. At the end of the day, pizza doesn’t judge you, pizza doesn’t care if you put on a few pounds, pizza will always be there for you. Edward’s client wanted to show admiration for everyone’s favorite cheesy treat with a permanent dedication of true love in ink.

Andy Beswick — Your Name

andy beswick your name tattoo

Not all relationships last forever and even though at the moment you may think of getting your lover’s name tattooed on your body forever makes sense — you may regret it later. Andy’s client takes the chance out of true love with the beautiful American traditional rose branded simply with the words, “Your Name.” Now, no matter who this client loves, he can tell his partner, “I have ‘Your Name’ tattooed on my leg.” How sweet.

Kailah Bartolome — World’s Best Boss

The Office tattoos

Most often, our tattoo artists get to create awesome designs based off of their client’s love for something and it may not be based on romantic love. Fans of “The Office” recognize this World’s Best Boss mug from Micheal’s office and the beet as an ode to Dwight. Kailah captured her client’s eternal love for her favorite TV show, “The Office.”

Keisha Ozias — Love is Patient

love is patient tattoo

Resident nature tattoo specialist Keisha Ozias tattooed the first two lines of Bible verse Corinthians 13:4-8 on her client and added beautiful flowers surrounding the quote. Keisha’s client showcases her dedication to love and her partner by permanently affixing the classic quote to her bicep with a flourishing bouquet to compliment the verse.

Deke Harms — Dark Love

blackwork skull heart

Resident blackwork master Deke Harms captures equal feelings of love and loss with this piece from his flash collection. This heart that forms from the heads of two lovers represents the constant push and pull of romance and speaks to how much work goes into making a relationship work. We love this simple, yet beautiful piece that speaks volumes about true love.

Emily Bowe — Web of Love

heart spiderweb tattoo

Emily’s original flash piece brings together beautiful roses with a not-so-traditional heart. This tattoo contrasts the iconic heart shape with black spider webs throughout, while still incorporating red webbing in the background. Emily’s work showcases a darker, more realistic approach to true love that strays from the greeting card, candy heart illusion we’re used to seeing in romance tattoos and culture.

Get a Tattoo to Showoff Your Lasting Love

On Valentine’s Day, February 14, select artists at Monolith Tattoo Studio will have themed flash available for the occasion. Follow @monolith_tattoo_studio and each of our artists on Instagram for a sneak peek at Valentine’s Day romantic tattoo designs that will be available on a first-come, first served basis on February 14, 2019. Choose from love and romance-inspired designed to celebrate the holiday, or opt for something a little more empowering to remember your single days.

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